April 23 Write Up

With the Ellwood City Adult Basketball League’s regular season winding down, quite a bit was on the line Sunday at the Family Center.

To start, the highly coveted first round playoff bye was still up for grabs. Turncoats, owners of first place, looked to continue their residency of the top seed. The Blazers floated into the Family Center with a momentous six-game winning streak looking to chip away at Turncoats’ lead in the standings.  In an entertaining bout, it was Turncoats walking away as the victors, improving to a league best 13-1 in the process.  After scoring 16 points, Chris “The Bearded Dragon” Smiley, surely gained some league MVP consideration.

Herbie V went 1-1 on the evening to stay in the hunt.  Shortly after making a proclamation that he is winning the annual 3-Point Contest, Dave “The Iron Man” McQuistion helped the boys in gray with his tireless play. Herbie V like their chances, especially after putting up 51 in a win over Monstars. Team Captain Dave Oliastro had a strong outing while playing with that crazed look in his eye.

Paging Jeff Nero.

Hog Balls strolled into the Main Event of the evening against Big Fun with a 4 game winning streak looking ready to shake, rattle and roll.  With a stellar roster including the likes of Ryan “I am the Ryan in Eric Ryan” Venezie, Brandon “Big Boss Man” Otlowski and The Barrett Barrage, Hog Balls are dangerous when draped in red. It was Corey “Fire” Eggleston, however, who stole the show. Much like the Chili Peppers and the restaurant, Eggleston was red hot while hitting shots with ease. Hog Balls are certainly turning heads while they are gunning for the championship.

Mayor Tony Court was even in the house, donning the zebra shirt while officiating the night’s action.  It’s a fight to the finish in the Ellwood City Adult Basketball League with just 2 weeks in the regular season left.  Playoffs get under way May 14th, with the 3 Point Contest and championship game May 21st.

Confirmed 3 Point Contest shooters:
Big Fun: Kevin Ricciuti and Adam Gorgas
Turncoats: Chase McKim and Chris Smiley
Herbie V: Dave McQuistion
Up In The Air: Matt Reider
TTT: Dylan Plassmeyer
Monstars: Sean Swisher
Hog Balls: TBD
Blazers: TBD

Remaining regular season schedule:

4pm: Turncoats vs. BDI
430pm: Blazers vs. TTT
5pm: Monstars vs. Big Fun
530pm: Hog Balls vs. Up In The Air
6pm: Herbie V vs. BDI
630pm: Turncoats vs. TTT
7pm: Blazers vs. Hog Balls

4pm: Turncoats vs. Herbie V
430pm: BDI vs. Monstars
5pm: Up In The Air vs. Blazers
530pm: Big Fun vs. Turncoats
6pm: TTT vs. Herbie V
630pm: Blazers vs. BDI

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